• CLIENT: Private person
  • PLACE: Vřesina u Bílovce, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2009

The architectonic solution is based on the requirements of the house as a protective barrier from the surrounding light. The house creates a wall in between semi-public space and a total privacy. This house is designed as partly two-storey, without a basement. The house has an irregular shape of a letter L and its roof is flat. The first thing that is seen after entering the house is an illuminated hallway. The hallway divided the social part of the house from the private one. It is the main transport junction connecting two different worlds. It divides the social part from the strictly private one and gives the children a possibility of their own world on the second floor. Its shape that opens into the garden makes the width of the house smaller and also deals with the unpleasant sharp angles of the angled curve of the ground plan. From the hallway, there is an access to a utility room that is right at the entrance, a closet, there is also a guest room, a bathroom and a staircase that leads to the children’s rooms on the second floor. From the hallway there is also an access to a dining room with a kitchen and a living room. Behind the transparent glassed wall is situated seven meters long swimming pool that continues with sauna, resting space with a bathroom and a double-sided shower. On the right side of the hallway behind the door of the entrance closet is hidden away a private space of the couple. It is made out of spacious hall-like closet, that optically opens into a large bathroom and ends right in the couple’s bedroom. From the closet there is also an access to an office. When it comes to the construction the house is designed as a combination of subtle steel columns and
sandwich walls and reinforced ceiling concrete panels perforated with skylights.

David Kotek, Jaroslav Kotek, Václav Kocián, Jan Müller

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