• CLIENT: Krč family
  • PLACE: Karlík, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2010

The urbanistic scheme comes from the division of the plot and the only possible transportation connection to the road. Thus the entrance and the exit are situated on the western part of the plot. Th mass of the house and garage are planed so they are naturally and servicely connected without creating a rear for the inner social zone. The mass and expressive concept is based on clear contrast of the floor glazing that in the reality creates a cutout spaces in the main mass of the building. This scheme that is south oriented is consequently expressed in a natural interweaving of the exterior and interior social zones. The mass of the house itself also culminates in the western corner where it also introduces the entrance to the house. When it comes to its disposition the the center of the house is the living room with the dining room. On the western part is the guests part on the eastern part the relaxation adult zone. The children section is on the second floor in the western part of the house, accessible through a staircase gallery with a library.

David Kotek, Oldřich Bajger, Alžběta Broďániová, Robin Vašnovský, Pavel Nitra, Luboš Miketa

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