• CLIENT: Fux family
  • PLACE: Nová Ves, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2011 - 2012

The detached house is placed in a scarcely build-up area and scarce communication net at the periphery of a municipal Nová Ves u Frýdlantu nad Ostravicí. The house is placed in the northeast corner of the area in a fashion that leaves as much plot as a private, intimate part of the investor. A safe and comfortable entrance and arrival is also ensured. The main dominant line of the whole house is made out of ‘broken plates’ of individual floor that bring out the staircase. The spaces in between constructions are open mainly glassed with a view to the private part of the plot. The filled masses of the perimeter construction is mainly facing the road. On the whole the house is designed in simple color combination of darker and lighter shades with transparent glass with a reflection. The house is functionally divided into three parts: the second floor includes children’s rooms with facilities, the lowered ground floor has a living space for the whole family and the second part of the ground floor is for the parents, with a closet, a bathroom, an office and a bedroom. The house is oriented so the glassed surfaces of the living areas faced the southwest side and on the other hand the utility rooms the north.

David Kotek,Zuzana Sýkorová, Alžběta Broďániová, Robin Vašnovský, Luboš Miketa, Zbyněk Jendryka, Pavel Nitra

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