• CLIENT: FC Baník, a.s.
  • PLACE: Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2012-2013

Our task was to propose a concept of a stadium for roughly around 20.000 people that would be situated in the very same place as the current Bazaly stadium. In the concept we follow existing urban and social relations, we build on them and we secure them so all the qualities of contemporary modern technologies and security were kept intact. The main parameter of the concept is the present situation of the stadium recessed into a hill We want to strengthen and make this current determinant more attractive. We are shaping the whole stadium to fascinate people with the background of the Moravian-Silesian metropolis while watching the dramatic matches, games and events. Tribunes have continuous gallery that allows view in every direction. Whenever it is inside or outside. Overall shape also copies the silhouette of the hill, complementing it rather than rising it. Even with it’s size, the stadium has an adequate scale compared to surrounding objects. It is mainly due to it’s recess. It is a unique phenomenon of a stadium recessed into a hill overlooking a city. We want to complement the city nonviolently and unnecessarily create it’s dominant feature. With a high quality architecture and flawlessly functional space, we want to connect it to the modern constructions in the regional city and thus include Ostrava among significant cultural cities of Europe with industrial footprint.

David Kotek, Ruda Muller, Martin Tománek, Oldřich Bajger, Pavel Nitra, Jan Muller, Lucie Kluzová

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