• CLIENT: Ostrava city
  • PLACE: Ostrava, Czech Republic

Wavy colourful landscape in the gray of concrete, or each can be shining on the glory red carpet. Work developed after a complete reconstruction of the cinema. In terms of urban space it was needed that the space in front of the cinema Luna to be redefined as a „combination“ of cultural institutions by the clear urban axis consolidating the cinema and the new church of the Holy Spirit. Within the territory they both are now forming a new spiritual and cultural island in a sea of loose concrete buildings (so typical for the communist ideology in architecture), flashing neon and low commercial buildings endless street Vyškovicka. The architecture of exterior conceals its original status as a carpet of movie stars, and creates a new landscape – film and ethereal. „Since the beginning we were working with the idea to preserve something of the original state, as some time -track, however, during the study we
found out that almost all of the space can be preserved, just those existing concrete flowerpots would be partly demolished and the rest could be covered with a new layer typical of today’s world, vulcanised rubber – as a link to the past and plastic that covers the concrete. Piazza landscape that is born here, is supplemented by spotlights, lamps that illuminate existing trees, and active water features with the fountains effect. Floated volcanic rubber layer includes thin strips, that, from different directions, are leading to the main door of the Luna cinema and are graphically dividing the surface. New rubber layer is in a velvet-purple colour. Such a design clearly improves the quality of the public space and welcomes new visitors or passers looking for a cosy retreat for relaxation or a game, that is in the area Vyškovicka street a bit rare.

David Kotek, Ondřej Klimek, Martin Křivánek, Zbyněk Jendryka

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