• CLIENT: Petr P.
  • PLACE: Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2012-2013

The detached house is build on a very interesting plot that is hidden away from the eyes of passersby. The space is defined in the north and west by the neighboring houses and on the southern and eastern part by the gardening colonies separated by a river. In the design of the object the environment was taken into account and respected. The house is one-storey so it doesn’t devalue the view of the river and a forest for the neighboring objects. The house has four wings that are shaped irregularly due to the maximal respect to the full-grown trees, bushes and current wells. The house is spacious and open into the garden in a way that every room has its own privacy. The northern wings consists of garage that follows the access road, the western and easter wing is meant for a bedroom and children’s rooms, the southern wing consists of a wine cellar that is situated in the same place as a former cellar and a shielded terrace. The center of the wings, therefor the heart of the house consists of a spacious living room with a fireplace made out of a single piece of stone. The fronts of individual wings are tiled in natural, roughly trimmed stone so the nature of the environment is not disturbed. The southern wing lowers in the place of the wine cellar which allows the green roof that brightens up the whole roofing of the object to stand out. The roof is dewatered by three gargoyles that are placed in the stone walls that will get a certain peculiarity of running water during a rain.

David Kotek, Kateřina Holenková, Zbyněk Jendryka

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