• CLIENT: Bínek family
  • PLACE: Vřesina u Bílovce, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2011

This house is conceived as a gabled prism loosely laid on relatively steep slope with its frontage facing the access road. Its own living area for ordinary purposes is single-leveled which gets the frontage facing the street to a height of some 3 meters above the entrance level. In this spot, the house is supported by a wall serving also as a fence. Inside the building is divided into two zones. The common one presents an open space area for the kitchen unit, the dining table and the inner seating area that has designed its alternative equivalent in the form of outdoor roofed seating area in the backyard garden. The relaxation zone is composed of a bedroom with a closet and two rooms out of which one is perceived as an office and the other as children’s room. Above all those rooms, there are rooms designed for guests. In the design this devision is demonstrated in the split of the roof gable. Both zones, the common and relaxation one are interconnected by a central hallway to which there is joined a seasonal closet, a pantry, a bathroom, a restroom and a storage room.

David Kotek, Martin Tománek, Pavel Nitra

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