• CLIETN: Ostrava city
  • PLACE: Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2010

Project the Cheops pyramid above Ostrava was from the very beginning conceived as an event focusing on a research of scale in architecture by means of an effort to bring closer the architectonic view of scale to the general public. There was realized an educational route for general public consisting of four information boards that where referring to each other by unanswered quiz questions. These informational boards where placed at the corners of the base of the hypothetical pyramid whose size was derived from the actual size of Cheops pyramid. During the night time, there were installed at the corners of the base of the hypothetical pyramid sources of light thanks to which each face was created thus making it possible for the whole month to imagine its actual mass. After the whole project was finished, as a commemorial to this even and also as a permanent footprint enabling onwards to compare the size of Cheops pyramid with the Ostrava’s city structure, at the corners of the base of the hypothetic pyramid there were placed brass boards of size 30×30 cm with the basic information about the Cheops pyramid in Giza.

David Kotek

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