• CLIENT: Třinec city
  • PLACE: Třinec, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2013

The main idea of the whole memorial is the individuality of the human being and thus the memorial was design to represent every name and doesn’t generalize all of them. The memorial has 381 parts. Each of these parts corresponds to one specific person. The basic parameter became the timeline that illustrates the length of lifes of individual people. Every human being marks the environment, the place where he lives, he leaves something behind and when he passes away, the memories left in the nature are still visible long after that. And of course even those victims left something behind. That’s why their life is represented in the design by abstract notches in the massive memorial. On the other hand, the time that was taken from them is represented by means of 381 steel square profiles that symbolize footprints, memories, nature that those people could have left behind and also represent how much time was from these individual people taken away.

David Kotek, Martin Křivánek, Pavel Nitra

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