• CLIENT: Multi Veste Czech Republic, s.r.o.
  • PLACE: Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2012

The goal of the 2nd phase is functional complementing development following the realized first stage and current objects. Positioning of houses, mass and cubical capacity structures creates, forms and defines spaces in between them. Second stage is the one that following this concept complements the current structure around the new square at Karolina clearly defines the character of the street, defines public semi-private and private space and finally defines the square on its own. Basic urban scheme is continuation of the first stage suggestion that it tries to naturally complement. All that with definite connection on further stages in a way that allows eventually develop any of the current known scenarios of future advancement of the city. Dominant feature at the entrance of the areal will be an administrative building that contains 14 above ground floors. With its mass, the construction react on the decreasing ground level of the neighboring Frydlant bridges, respectively creates a tension with its slow rise along the decreasing road from the Frydlant bridges until it culminates to a mass at the entrance of the areal. Newly designed public spaces are complemented with new lawns and appropriately placed spaces for art works. Paved areas use unevenness of the area in its eastern part and thus revive its routine flat character.

David Kotek, Martin Tománek, Oldřich Bajger, Ondřej Haas, Barbora Štefková, Ondřej Klimek, Monika Klimková Žebráková, Valerie Zámečníková, Hana Dostálová, Kateřina Holenková, Zbyněk Jendryka, Petra Paciorková, Jan Müller

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