• CLIENT: Statutární město Ostrava - městský obvod Krásné Pole
  • PLACE: Ostrava, Česká republika
  • DATE: 2014

During the construction of the kindergarten main emphasis was put on children and their needs. New kindergarten has a simple square plan with 3 independent spacious classrooms, airy cafeteria and central open shared space for playing. Curtain that can be found in the classrooms, allow the space to be divided into small ‘rooms’ when it is a time for kids to rest in the afternoon. Thanks to windows that are placed in various heights, the children can see outside not only during the resting time but also when playing on a
patterned floor reminding of contour lines or growth rings. Each classroom has a separate entrance to its own outdoor terrace where children can play when the weather conditions are favorable. The surface of the outdoor toys storages are designed as blackboards that allow kids to develop their creativity. Facade is consists of horizontal wooden profiles with bigger spacing that allows the grey-black facade foil and underlying colorful grid to be visible.. Thanks to that the insides of the building are being revealed to the kids and they are taught in a funny way how ‘the kindergarten works’. This building obtained honorable mentions in a competition House of the Year of year 2013 that is announced by the Statutory city of Ostrava.

David Kotek, Alžběta Broďániová, Pavel Nitra

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