• CLIENT: Ostrava city
  • PLACE: Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2011 - 2015

The suggested composition of the IVC object is based on the shape of the plot. The processing company wanted to suggest and object that would fulfill the requirements of the investor, would have simple and strong concept based on its environment and also creates a natural ”transition” in between residential area of the current settlement, its civic amenities and idle (homesteady) part of socially important buildings, which integrated outbound center definitely is. The shape of the object follows angled line at its western and southern plot border. Compact mass of the object changes its width and height in the context of the layout requirements in the object and its orientation in the context of space possibilities of the area. Object is divided only by passages to the yard part, the composition of terraces, balconies and windows. The southern part of the object, main administrative part, divides with its location and orientation the outside reinforced areas to the outbound and rear manipulation space, both of them connected to service road of the areal. Southwest area connected to the outbound yard is conceived as a representative public space which enhances monumental entrance of the object. The concept is complemented by sport areas that are located with the areal according to the needs of individual IZS sections. Entrances to the object are arranged depending on the layout of individual operating blocks. Besides of the common main entrance, every IZS section has its own staff entrance. As required by the investor, he main entrance is highlighted with an indication, symbol of a telephone and numbers 112 and also name Ostrava – Jih, Integrated outbound center. The means of materials support neatness and simplicity of the mass. Object has a simple facade made by contact thermal insulation system. Distinctive feature of the facade is irregular placement of terraces, balconies and strip windows.

David Kotek, Zuzana Sýkorová, Zbyněk Jendryka, Ondřej Koutňák, Petra Paciorková

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