• CLIENT: LUMIUS, spol s.r.o.
  • PLACE: Sviadnov, Czech Republic
  • STUDY: 2013
  • REALIZATION: 2014-2016

As for the urban perspective, the mass on a plot is located so that to be fitting to the broader context of the territory, parking is conceived as a land art. In front of the seat entrance a quality public space, with the hidden parking lot, was created, and the rear part of the seat reflects to space of the vast garden, that can be used for outdoor activities including a grass football pitch, as well as a relax place in the midst of the work day. Lumius is designed as a two-store rippled unpredictable composition of materials, with the added bonus of pleasant foyers throughout the building, which elevate the seat to a comfortable architecture than the standard production is seen. The entrance into the residence of Energy Services currently shows a grand foyer permeating two floors, with a green, grassy wall, going in and out of the seat, and pleasantly refreshing space and welcomes visitors and employees every day. The operating solution involves placement of the main trading hall and dining room onto the 1st floor and the other working places as office departments, lawyers and directors onto the 2nd floor. Each floor has its sanitary facilities and the 1st floor is expanded by technical facilities, with easy access from ground level – both by car and and on foot. The residency offers, as well, several environmental solutions, such as using of a wind power-plant.

David Kotek, Ondřej Klimek, Hana Zamastilová, Petra Paciorková

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