• PLACE: Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2014

Main determinants of the concept is date about the floods in the area, the access and the entry to the object and the last but not the least the placement of the utility lines. There will be 3 main construction objects on the plot. The administrative building, the service hall and the docking area. The main accent in the concept was put on the administrative object that would party be standing on ‘legs’. Object is assembled from various spaces that are conceived as separate units with its own need that would be interconnected by a means of communications and needed facilities. Thus making a ‘cluster’ or objects while expressing dynamics and timelessness. To develop this concept, a steel skeleton construction was chosen as it allows a further possible development of the project. The details are conceived as a combination of natural materials such as stone, glass or steel. The object build on steel columns in a V shape. The service hall is designed as a simple steel construction. The docking area is open, unheated area that allows the material meant for docking to be shielded from the various weather conditions.

David Kotek, Petr Kundrát, Patricia Moreno Ramos

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