• CLIENT: Ferrit, s.r.o.
  • PLACE: Staré Město u Frýdku-Místku, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2012

These are industrial, manufacturing, development and administrative grounds focused, just as the current complex, on a production of mine equipment and mechanics. The majority or the areal consists of factory buildings that were required to be maximally flexible when it comes to utmost utilization of the area and minimally costly in a means of realization. The southern part of the plot is reserved for item loading and unloading. The emphasized part of the concept is the contrasting administrative building and dispatching yard. Administrative part is conceived as three-wing building consisting of a centrally running hallway to which are oriented not only the offices, conference rooms and laboratories, but also kitchenettes and units with facilities. Atypical is only the part dedicated to wellness and the company management which can be viewed as more complex space that can be alternatively divided by movable partition or curtain systems.

David Kotek, Oldřich Bajger, Martin Tománek, Pavla Burdová, Hana Zamastilová, Jitka Mandryková, Pavel Nitra

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