• CLIENT: Ing. Ivan Boruta
  • PLACE: Fryčovice, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2012

The intention was to create a headquarters for a design company that would present own studio and administrative facilities. These facilities are handled in the forefront phase that will be followed by a second phase that suggests additions to the complex in a means of housing units of apartment type. The main building of the company is lengthwise oriented along a river that is visible from all work posts of the chief employees. This building is situated facing the driveway whereas the apartments designed behind the said building. Space in between the apartments and the main building is earmarked for social gathering on a terrace with fireplace where its inner arrangement is based on requirement on visual contact in between individual employees. Primary orientation and perception space in the main building is elevated conference room that would also function as a studio. To the conference room is connected chief studio office on the first floor and a hallway to which there are connected the manager offices, kitchenette and spare office units. Spacious terrace in the middle of the areal that is connected to the main object is designed with recessed outdoor fireplace and a dismantlable system of canvas tent-like shading for summer season.

David Kotek, Oldřich Bajger, Lucie Kluzová,

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