• CLIENT: private company
  • PLACE: Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2015

Conception in process placed new headquarters of the young company between two buildings of the existing company headquarters. The idea of recycling has been emphasized in this project. The new premises of the company are placed in the used shipping containers. Thanks to them the building becomes modular and can be adapted to certain requirements. From the inside the container is covered by the corrugated sheet while from the outside it is protected by insulation that is welded by aluminium foil because of climatic conditions. Apart from offices and storage areas premises have also other multifunctional utilization. For instance, they can be used for holding exhibitions or workshops. There will be two possibilities how to get inside the building. The main entrance will be moved and accessible from the main road in order not to disturb families living in the houses on the street. The new building will be completed with the outside relaxing zone for employees with a gazebo seating and a piece of water.

David Kotek, Petr Kundrát, Patricia Moreno Ramos

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