• CLIENT: GEMO OLOMOUC, spol s.r.o.
  • PLACE: Frýdek-Místek, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2013-2014

The reason for the construction of the shopping center was to construct a multifunctional space together with individually standing hall Polárka. The shopping center catches attention on the first sight with its colorful facade. The cladding is combined of light sandwich panels coated in facade tin plates in three horizontal lines of same size and a vertical displaced cladding with different coloring in three shades (while, light and dark grey) with added accent of plates in golden metallic color. Colored plates are rotated and create a graphically compact but diverse facade that is dominated by the glassed entrance portals that are tined in a very polished plate of black color. Architectural impression is finished with the facade backlight that was achieved with the LED strips. The combination of colorful plates is chosen so the graphical rhythm escalated from the calmer corner areas to the main entrance of the object. The business function prevails in the object, it is complemented by services, catering etc. The space is variable and is changeable depending on current needs.

David Kotek, Petr Kundrát, Kateřina Holenková, Ondřej Klimek, Petra Paciorková, Monika Hrubá, Pavel Krátký, Zbyněk Jendryka, Jan Müller

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