• CLIENT: Svěrkoš family
  • PLACE: Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2014

The main requirement while designing this detached house was to create a maximally secure house for the client. Security became the main quotient in the concept of the house. The solution ended up being a house that is closed off from three sides when the windows are not placed on the facade and there is only a minimal number of other construction openings. On the other hand the last, east side with a view to the garden is maximally open with full glass facade. The object is one-storey, complemented with a spacious terrace, a swimming pool and a jacuzzi. The terrace is connected to the main living areas such as the living room the the kitchen and the dining room, the guest’s room, the children’s room and the bedroom. The terrace is accessible from every room and it is divided into two parts. The first one is conceived as a space for relaxation and rest, the second one is conceived as a space for all kinds of meetings, events and sport and relaxation activities. The wholesome is supplemented with an outdoor summer kitchenette with a grill and a mobile lockable facade in a form of steel walls that in a case of emergency allow a total closure of the house.

David Kotek, Petr Kundrát, Anna Julia Glajc, Pavel Nitra, Tomáš Baláži

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