• CLIENT: Ostrava city
  • PLACE: Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2009

From the architectonic point of view the object is resolved as a simple long narrow one-storey mas. At its end is located 18 meters tall clock tower with a space designated to promote cultural life in Ostrava. The tower is conceived as a smooth steel construction with transparent cladding out of stainless steel net. In the upper part with the clock it is cladded in clad steel plate in a white tone. The fountain in front of the main entrance also underwent changes. It is newly composed out of three segments situated into one axis that runs in the direction from the house with the tower: a fountain, previous ‘rose’ and drinking fountain. The parking along the administrative building of České dráhy also underwent changes as well as the trolley bus terminal was enlarged thus changing the shape and size of a central roundabout. New furniture is designed to continue the expressiveness and geometry of other objects within the space. In the geometry of the benches is visible rhomboid, the dominant pieces of benches around the fountain are made with a ground plan of the letter S, other elements are materially derived from the cladding for the shielding and cladding on of the main building. In the context of the whole aesthetization, the areal was supplemented by greenery when the function and the aesthetics of the whole space together with the whole composition were taken into account.

David Kotek, Oldřich Bajger, Zuzana Sýkorová, Petr Kittrich, Pavel Nitra

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