• PLACE: Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • DATE: 2014

The industrial park of the construction and developers company Homola a.s. needed a new office building with headquarters of the company, then to simplify the functional relationship among its objects and create new functions. The question was about the area with a common entrance, checking point and a need to expand its service capacity by the restaurant, cafeteria, and auditorium. So far existing six-storey administration office building was reconstructed and re-coated. The new single-storey building wing includes a restaurant, cafeteria and auditorium, which is also accessible from the parking lot and by its tiered auditorium compensates the difference in height between the ground and the first floor. The architecture is based on the contrast of high and elongated materials that are conceived with different colours and work with a full glass mass. The traditional design of square windows in the new sections is replaced with longitudinal strips, where windows, as well as inter-window fillings, are placed.

David Kotek, Kateřina Holenková, Petr Kundrát, Pavel Nitra

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