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Photos of book / Stefan Mihailović

© Authors / Vendula Šafářová & David Kotek, 2015 Publisher / PROJEKTSTUDIO EUCZ, s.r.o.
Format / 27x27cm
Number of pages / 112
First edition / , Ostrava 2015, Print run / 1000 ks Print / Tiskárna Helbich a.s., Brno ISBN 978-80-260-8437-2 EAN 978-80-260-8437-2

Editress / Vendula Šafářová
Editor of the Czech language version / Vladimír Šiler Editor of the English language version / Martina Bielanová Editor of the German language version / Mathias Becker Editor of the Spanish language version / Lucie Drobiszová, Patricia Moreno Ramos Editor of the Chinese language version / Vlastimil Dobečka Photography / Irena Perničková, Petr Hrubeš, Jakub Zdechovan, Jan Šafář, Monika Klimková, Radim Kolibík, Boris Renner Na str. 62-63 autor fotografie Moravskoslezský Deník / Lukáš Kaboň Vizualisation / Stanislav Šimoníček, Ondřej Sikula Graphic design, typesetting and cover / Vendula Šafářová © Texts / Ing.arch. Jan Pleskot, MgA. Zdena Němcová Zedníčková, Ph.D., MgA. Vendula Šafářová, Ph.D., Ing.arch Ondřej Beneš, Ph.D., Doc.
PhDr. Oldřich Ševčík, CSc.


This monography represents the architectural studio PROJEKTSTUDIO, Ostrava created by Jaroslav Kotek, father and David Kotek, son that means the rare constellation in architecture, having, of course, advantages, either presents 16 fundamental projects, there of 5 designs, scientific studies of renowned experts in architecture and philosophy, and also maps the architectural studio work in the context of social, economic and regional situation in the postindustrial era in the North Moravian region. Both architects began working together in 2007 and each of them represents tradition of their generation. By thoughts of the open Studio they are exceeding the typical standards of architectural production, and violate established customs, additionally seek for unusual approaches through a minor and exotic enthusiastic team of co-operating staff. Both realizations and opinions of this studio influenced the visual landscapes of the North Moravia, and via using of free design, unconventional shapes, materials and liberal solutions they succeeded to show something previously unseen. Their work goes from urbanism to corporate headquarters, single-family houses up to the interior detail solution. Thanks to quality work and a humble respect as for their craft and ecology, the Studio has obtained many awards and recognition not only of their clients, as well as of professional societies, therefore the Studio is ranked among the remarkable Czech architecture studios. (High5 PROJEKTSTUDIO)

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